A beautiful, backyard wedding - Elora Ontario

September 5th, 2021, a day I'll never forget, and always remember fondly: the day my childhood bestfriend married the man of her dreams.

Bronwyn and I have known each other since we were two years old. Her grandparents live across the road from my parents, and we would spend the summers together when she would visit from Ottawa. We were pen pals for years, and so many of my childhood memories and favourite moments was the time I got to spend with B.

When Bronwyn told me she and DJ got engaged, I was over the moon excited, but even more excited when she asked me to photograph her day.

Some people may shy away from the thought of photographing a dear friends wedding, and I will tell you why I didn't.

1) I got a front row seat to the entire day: I got to see all the details, the bliss of seeing the dress and all details together for the first time

2) I got the perfect, unobstructed view of B walking down the aisle to DJ (I cried like a baby)

3) I got to witness the pure joy, admiration and love these two have for each other, and just how incredibly happy they are together

4) Knowing B's side of the family already, it made everyone feel comfortable and confident in my abilities to capture the important people

5) I got to meet the bridesmaids at the bachelorette which allowed me to better remember names throughout the day

There are so many other reasons, but I was just as thrilled to be holding a camera capturing the day, as I would have been as a guest.