Merryhill Golf Club Wedding

Nick and Carly's wedding day will forever be one of my favourites. Maybe I am a little biased because this pair is easily one of the happiest and easy going couples I have worked with, or maybe it's because I am lucky enough to call them dear friends. I have witnessed so many big moments in their relationship, and getting to spend their wedding day with them not only as their photographer, but as their friend, was a huge blessing.

When Nick told my husband and I he was going to propose to Carly, we were both so excited, but it was even more exciting when he asked me if I could document the proposal. Little bit of background on me and why this was so exciting, I LOVE love. I am the biggest sap. Give me a Nicholas Sparks novel, or chick flick and I am all for it. But there's something so special about documenting a proposal. It's such pure and raw emotion and just so joyous, it's the best.

Fast forward to September 8, 2018 and these two tied the knot at Carly's families golf course in Merryhill. Their ceremony was so beautiful and intimate, and I can still remember the most beautiful moment when Carly and her dad came riding in on a custom golf cart - she truly was the most stunning bride. Their custom vows were so special, and I definitely was thankful I had my camera to hide behind because I was pretty close to ugly crying.

I could go on and on about all the reasons this wedding was perfect, but let me just share some vendor love for the awesome team that made this day so beautiful!